Supply Chain Discovery & Interoperability

Supply chain interoperability

 In the globalized economy, coordinating information from throughout the supply chain, at the volume and velocity of international commerce, is essential to demonstrate compliance, and to help identify product issues, diversions and substitutions that can cause health, safety, and brand issues.  Gathering and integrating, ad hoc, the breadcrumbs that build a product picture, from field - to factory - to consumer, becomes easy when each of those breadcrumbs has a meaningful network name. A network-name-based solution also makes it easy to bring along participants at the edge of the supply chain who can now share their product knowledge with minimum cost and technical  knowhow. 


IoT Discovery & Interoperability


With billions of new "things", and their data, being connected to the internet, owners and developers need new ways to be discoverable and interoperable.  We can provide meaningful network names to connect things with their users. 


BlockChain Discovery & Interoperability


The blockchain technology that provides the immutable records supporting bitcoin is an opportunity to move the agreements that support finance, rights and ownership title from distributed, volatile record systems to blockchain frameworks that are accessible and immutable. These new approaches need new ways to assure discoverability and interoperability of these important records. 



Public Health Discovery & Interoperability

Public health interoperability

Technologists, policy makers, and subject matter experts need new ways to coordinate discovery and interoperability to gather information that support pressing public health challenges. This helps the under-served NGO community to 1. allow authoritative information, Apps and tools developed for public and productive economy purposes to be appropriately repurposed in different technical / political / geographic / cultural contexts, and 2. Help developers and analysts meaningfully integrate and aggregate information from heterogeneous sources, outside of their familiar contexts, to advance public health.   


Health Care DataDiscovery & Interoperability

Solving today's health information interoperability challenges, to make distributed patient records truly interoperable, will improve care outcomes, quality and affordability.  Resource name coordination will ease the barriers to building complete patient views. 


Personalized Medicine Discovery & Interoperability

Personalized medicine interoperability


New analytic approaches for assessing patient risk and optimizing treatment have the potential to dramatically improve public health, but require deep understanding, and precision integration of data from many sources. Meaningful names for records supporting these analytics will accelerate the achievement of the promise of personalized medicine by streamlining the data gathering for these analytic processes. 


Cyber Security Discovery & Interoperability

Cybersecurity interoperability

 Cyber security is maintained through continuous monitoring and maintenance of a shifting patchwork of interdependent network systems, technologies and policies. Success requires trust and understanding across business operations and security domains. We enable new approaches that use meaningful network names to coordinate complex interactions, behaviors and interdependencies among business and security systems to improve security.  


Smarter Workforce Discovery & Interoperability

 The world is becoming more dependent on the internet and automation for connecting educators, employers and employees.  Network naming for human resources and education should be aligned with skill and competency models used by industry and academia to connect employers, educators and people.